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HCC Embedded supports ChibiOS-based designs

HCC Embedded has extended the range of platforms supported within its Advanced Embedded Framework to include the ChibiOS RTOS. Now, embedded developers can easily add HCC Embedded’s quality communications, security, and flash file system software to a variety of complex ChibiOS-based designs to reduce time to market and improve product reliability.

HCC middleware is designed to be truly target independent and portable, meaning that it works with any embedded processor and provides seamless support for any RTOS or scheduler. HCC’s networking and storage solutions include TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stacks; CryptoCore security; and MQTT, SNMP, and TLS/DTLS software modules, all of which are developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. HCC’s range of high-performance, fail-safe file systems and Flash Translation Layer solutions guarantee the integrity of the file system and its data while managing any type of flash media such as NAND, NOR, and eMMC. With this vast range of commercial peripherals and software components, designers can choose the components they need and put them together in a reliable and consistent way to build a variety of ChibiOS-based products to the same, high-quality standard every time.

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