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HDMI source and sink compliance tests up to 3.4 Gbps


An HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator from Agilent Technologies Inc. allows designers and engineers to test their devices to ensure they meet the requirements of the HDMI compliance test specification 1.4a (CTS 1.4a).

The Agilent U4998A directly replaces the Agilent N5998A, the reference high-speed protocol analyzer, video timing analyzer, video picture analyzer, audio timing analyzer, and audio/video protocol generator for HDMI compliance tests required by the CTS.

The U4998A AXIe-based module is the first instrument to support source and sink compliance testing up to the maximum transition modulated differential signaling data rates of 3.4 Gbps – essential to support 4K x2K resolution.

Integration with an offline viewer enables debug through a waveform or listing view, giving designers much more insight into captured data. The component object model interface enables faster testing through automation.
The U4998A provides support for a maximum data rate of 3.4 Gbps to cover all video formats, including 3-D, 4K x 2K, and deep color. There is user-controlled execution of individual or multiple HDMI 1.4a protocol/audio/video compliance tests for sources and sinks.

The U4998U-PSV passive monitoring upgrade for the U4998A delivers pass-through and mirror capabilities to help engineers debug source and sink issues effectively.
It is compatible with Agilent’s M9502A two-slot and M9505A five-slot AXIe modular chassis and U4002A two-slot AMP modular chassis, which are designed for high-performance instrumentation.

HDMI is a compact interface for transmitting uncompressed data between digital audio/video sources such as DVD players and set-top boxes and other devices such as computer monitors and digital televisions. The HDMI 1.4 specification increased the resolution of supported devices to 4K x 2K and defined an interface for transmitting 3-D video signals. The 1.4a revision supports additional 3-D formats.

The U4998A HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator module is available now with an entry price of $52,500. The U4998U-PSV passive monitoring option will be available in July with an entry price of $3,000.

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