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HDMI transmitter ups output quality on mobile devices


Silicon Image's SiI 9020 discrete high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) transmitter chip is designed for the mobile market. It enables manufacturers to easily add HDMI outputs to high-definition video (HDV) camcorders and digital cameras, allowing consumers to display their photos and videos at the highest level of quality on their HDTVs.

HDMI provides a pure digital connection to HDTVs, eliminating the need for consumers to use analog audio and video outputs such as component video or S-Video when connecting camcorders and digital cameras to HDTVs. And unlike IEEE 1394 connections, which are often used to transfer compressed digital video from camcorders to computers, HDMI allows users to directly transfer uncompressed video for uncompromised image quality.

The SiI 9020 supports all HDMI required resolutions up to 1920 by 1080 pixels interlaced (1080i). The chip-scale packaging (88 ball BGA, 6- by 6-mm form factor) enables it to fit within the tight space constraints of mobile devices. The part will be available in the second quarter for $5.00 I nlots of 100,000. For more information, visit www.siliconimage.com.

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