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Head: Kit eases digital video surveillance system development


Houston, Tex. — Enabling video surveillance system developers to cost-effectively transition from analog to digital technology while adding their own differentiated features to products, Texas Instruments Inc., here, and ATEME, based near Paris, have jointly launched a Video Security over Internet Protocol (VSIP) Tool Kit. Based on TI's TMS320DM642 digital media processor, the tool kit provides complete hardware and software to develop intelligent network video cameras.

Video surveillance systems are currently undergoing a transition where analog solutions are being replaced by digital. The VSIP Tool Kit will help developers build intelligent security cameras that take advantage of a digital IP network by leveraging the real-time performance and flexibility inherent in DSP technology. Digital technology enables audio-video data compression that minimizes transmission bandwidth and storage requirements and permits security cameras to operate on standard data networks without bulky, costly coaxial cables.

“The VSIP Tool Kit will help customers dramatically reduce time to market by providing a plug and play development platform and all the software technology and tools useful for video security over IP applications,” said Marc Guillaumet, marketing director, ATEME. “The VSIP Tool Kit will provide customers high performance video processing functions they need to meet the industry requirements.”

The tool kit includes all the hardware, software and tools needed to create a fully digital system to encode and transmit camera surveillance information. The DM642 board includes audio and video inputs and a camera sensor. Evaluation software includes object libraries for MPEG-4 video encoder and decoder, audio compression, RTP/RTSP video streaming and a PC display software.

For application development, the tool kit includes video surveillance-specific source code for motion vector extraction, noise filtering, dating and referencing, with options for alarm management, encryption and advanced motion detection. A full version of TI's Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) also is included.The kit is also said to be among the first to offer MPEG-4 compression, the latest and most efficient of the MPEG video compression algorithms, designed to minimize bandwidth requirements in network video transmission. Since the VSIP Tool Kit is an application-oriented, open platform, it is not necessary for developers to have a deep understanding of DSP programming techniques, according to TI. Moreover, application software from developers and third parties is easy to integrate, allowing straightforward customization for market differentiation.

With the programmable DSP, intelligent cameras can be designed to capture relevant images and respond to only the significant events. For example, cameras can be programmed to react to specific conditions such as a box or suitcase being dropped off and left unattended, while ignoring other objects that are a part of the region of interest. When a condition that causes an alarm occurs, such as a car parked in a lot at a time not permitted, an intelligent camera is able to zoom in, encode the images and record specific images such as license plates and information of interest. Although there are a number of options for powering a digital video surveillance system such as FPGAs or ASICs, none of these options offer the flexibility of the DSP, according to TI. The DSP allows developers to change compression standards, add specific processing capabilities and develop different products on the same hardware platform.Digital compression also saves archival storage space and facilitates fast searches through recorded material. To minimize network traffic, the cameras can be programmed to send images only when specified events occur, such as entries and exits from a doorway. The complete VSIP Tool Kit is available today and can be ordered through TI distribution and ATEME representatives for $14,995.

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