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Heads Up! RTOS Smackdown at ESC Silicon Valley 2015

Good Grief! I can’t believe that ESC Silicon Valley 2015 is now only two and a half weeks away. I tell you, the sands of time seem to be slipping through the hourglass faster and faster as the days go by. I'm too young for all of this excitement!

One of the sessions that went down really well earlier this year at ESC Boston, which took place in May, was our RTOS Smackdown. The image below shows that we played to a packed house, as it were.

What you can’t see in this image is that we had nine participants milling around on a very small stage with only two chairs — I really hadn’t thought that part out as well as I could have. The end result was that, in addition to the presentations themselves, the audience was treated to the spectacle of the speakers playing a complicated game of musical chairs.

Happily, this session was so popular that one of the participants, Mentor Graphics, has kindly agreed to sponsor a re-match as an ESC Silicon Valley 2015 RTOS Smackdown Breakfast Session accompanied by beverages and snacks for us all to guzzle and nibble, respectively.

Following a meandering introduction by yours truly, the proceedings will kick off with one industry expert playing the Devil's Advocate by arguing that an RTOS is superfluous to requirements and that we shouldn’t even think about using one. A second industry expert will then seize the microphone and contend that an RTOS is an invaluable, “must-have” asset, even if your embedded application performs only a handful of tasks.

After the dust dies down, proponents of seven of the leanest, meanest, coolest, hottest contenders in the RTOS multi-universe will take it in turns to explain why their RTOS is the bestest of the best.

The end result will be an action-packed, fun-filled session that will leave attendees dazed and delighted and saying things like “Well, I never knew that” and “Max is even more magnificent than I expected.” Have you signed up for ESC Silicon Valley yet? If not, why not? I'll tell you what; why not get your pass right now while there are still a few good seats left?

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