Healthcare sensor company seeks software engineers -

Healthcare sensor company seeks software engineers

LONDON — Sensor Technologies and Devices (Belfast, Northern Ireland), a spin out from the University of Ulster, is investing over £400,000 in developing a wireless health monitoring system that should improve patient care during hospital stays.

Supported by Invest Northern Ireland – with EU support under the NI Competitiveness Programme 2007-2013 – the R&D project is a collaborative venture with the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), which is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The collaboration aims to develop a miniaturised patient-worn monitor that will provide information on a patient’s heart, respiration, temperature and movement. The devices will use the existing hospital wireless networks to give an immediate indication of change directly to the clinical teams even as patients move around the hospital. This contrasts with traditional monitoring, which is based around hospital beds.

Partners HealthCare, a member of CIMIT and a U.S. healthcare system also based in Boston, has signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage the project.

The project will mean ST+D taking on another three staff and the first devices are expected to be market ready by July 2009. ST+D is currently recruiting for both software design engineers and software validation engineers.

ST+D has recently attracted almost £1 million of venture capital funding for its ongoing activities from a range of investors led by Belfast-based Clarendon Fund Managers and including Enterprise Equity and UUTech.

ST+D design and manufacture the Wireless Vital Signs Platform, a wireless monitoring system which has been designed as a modular system to form the basis of many different products. It can be used as a short range or a long range (cellular phone) monitor and specified with a variety of vital signs inputs and wireless systems including Bluetooth. It is miniaturized, light weight and has extended long battery life.

The company's electrodes and sensors for use on the human body are designed and manufactured for use with in-house products and also for use by OEMs with their own products. Th sensor expertise is based largely on the company's three founding professors, John Anderson, Jim McLaughlin and Eric McAdams.

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