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Heaton adds motors and drives

LONDON — Heason Technologies Group (Horsham, U.K.) has become the exclusive distributor and systems integrator for the Emoteq Corporation (Tulsa, U.S.) in the U.K.

Emoteq is part of the Allied Motion Corporation and develops advanced servo motor and drive solutions for motion control applications. It is strong in direct-drive applications with the HT series and its Megaflux series of brushless torque motors having diameters from 19.3mm through to 792mm.

For standard housed motor applications, Emoteq’s Quantum series features NEMA 17 through 56 interfaces. Emoteq covers high-speed requirements with its BH series brushless motors, which are specially designed for high operating efficiency at high speed up to 100,000 RPM.

To complement the brushless motors, Emoteq supplies a range of drives, including the BDT series of torque controllers, the BDV series of velocity controllers, and the BDE series of programmable drives. The drives are matched in capability to company's motors, eliminating compatibility issues.

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