Helsinki churches networked for control -

Helsinki churches networked for control

Evangelic-Lutherans in Helsinki will soon notice that their churches have received a technological facelift, as the Consortium of Evangelical-Lutheran congregations has opted for open LONWORKS network technology and LONMARK certified products to connect all of its churches in Helsinki to a joint property management and real estate surveillance centre. The network integrates primary functions, such as the HVAC, lighting and access control, as well as a multitude of other systems, including the control of indoor air quality and district heating.

The Consortium of Evangelical-Lutheran congregations decided to reconstruct outdated substations based in over 100 buildings, including churches and cathedrals such as the renowned early 19th century Helsinki Cathedral, as well as office blocks and residential homes.

It sought the advice of the National Technology Agency of Finland and the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients, who recommended LONWORKS technology, which enables building subsystems that use LONMARK certified devices from multiple manufacturers to be integrated into a single intelligent building system.

LONMARK Partner member, Fatman Oy, a specialist in building infranet networks, was awarded the project to connect the building automation to the real estate surveillance centre, located at the Consortium's headquarters in Helsinki. The old building automation will be partly replaced during this project, which is due to be completed in 2004. Over 80 buildings will be connected to the surveillance centre by means of a fibreglass ethernet network with a TCP/IP protocol.

The rest of the buildings, located in remote parts of Helsinki will use an ADSL network to establish the connection. Inside each building, web servers from Plexus Technology have been installed along with Echelon's LonMaker Integration tool, Release 3.1, a virtual network interface, via which a computer can communicate with all devices.

The 2003 Spring LonMark Interoperability Association General Meeting is scheduled for May 15-16 at the Milan Marriott Hotel in Milan, Italy — see for more details.

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