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HI and Esmertec K.K.integrate java tools

LONDON — HI Corporation's 3D rendering engine MascotCapsule has been integrated on Esmertec AG’s Jbed java platform by Esmertec K.K. The integration provides game developers a platform for creating and deploying 3D games on a broad range of mobile handsets. Esmertec K.K. is the exclusive reseller of Esmertec mobile and multimedia software products in Japan.

Esmertec's (Zurich, Switzerland) Jbed, java virtual machine platform for mobile handsets, has already shipped in over 120 million mobile handsets. MascotCapsule from HI (Tokyo, Japan) is a 3D rendering engine used for creating console-quality, 3D games on mass-market mobile handsets. The MascotCapsule series has been shipped with over 230 million handsets worldwide by the end of December 2006.

V3 and its Java API, com.mascotcapsule have been used to develop hundreds of mobile games and the V4 release is compliant with the Mobile 3D Graphics API for Java ME (JSR184) to exploit the power of hardware acceleration.

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