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High-availability middleware gets telecom, automotive apps to market quickly


Element, developed by Enea, is a high-availability middleware solution for telecom, automotive, industrial control, and medical instrumentation applications. It provides a scaleable out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy for OEMs to outsource their middleware development, cutting development time and cost in half for complex, distributed multiprocessor systems.

Element provides a set of services that sit between the operating system and applications, as well as the core services for synchronizing, instrumenting, monitoring, and establishing communications between applications spread across multiple operating systems and processors. It also provides network supervision, fault, shelf, and upgrade management services that make it easy to monitor, repair, configure/provision, and upgrade live systems as they operate in the field.

Element offers a comprehensive suite of shelf management services for configuring and monitoring individual slots, blades and chassis. It works with shelf management controllers to detect and configure blades, track revision numbers, and monitor key blade-level parameters like temperature, voltage and fan speed. Element also supports hot swap, which enables individual blades to be inserted and removed from a live chassis.

Prices range from $75,000 to $600,000, depending on the base configuration. For more information, visit www.enea.com.

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