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High availability software includes four middleware products


SelfReliant version 3.0 from GoAhead Software includes a new, standalone product that allows developers to make applications highly available in less than 30 minutes with no programming, according to the company. GoAhead Software is a supplier of high availability, systems management and messaging middleware for developers of highly reliable embedded systems.

SelfReliant Basic Availability Management (SR-BAM) provides high availability in a layered approach. Developers can start adding HA functionality through a browser-based console to configure recovery policies in case of an application failure, including start, stop, restart and sub-second switchover of monitored applications and services.

For projects that require applications to share their state, SR-BAM features failover between pairs of applications and/or nodes. Developers write to a set of APIs to checkpoint active/standby and active/active applications and external services. SR-BAM upgrades to the SelfReliant Advanced Suite for more control of systems resources.

In addition to the SR-BAM product, the 3.0 release includes three other products: SelfReliant Distributed Messaging (SR-DM) for high performance intra- and inter-node communications; SelfReliant Embedded Systems Management (SR-ESM) for a set of building blocks to develop system-specific systems management; and SelfReliant Advanced Suite for an integrated solution delivering a claimed 99.999% HA or better for all system components.

The SelfReliant 3.0 release also features transparent failover across redundant LANs, message overload detection and messaging APIs.

“GoAhead is the first middleware company to provide commercial support for the Service Availability Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specification,” says Manfred Reitenspiess, president of the Service Availability Forum. “We believe this support signals the standard's increasing momentum in the industry.”

The SR-BAM product includes SDK, support, and training. Pricing begins at $30,000.

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