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High-brightness, low-power displays suit handsets

Highly power-efficient qVGA display panels will soon be available from BOE Hydis, who plans to produce a line of small-screen displays integrated with Clairvoyante's PenTile RGBW technology. Incorporating PenTile RGBW technology into the 1.8- to 2.0-in. modules will enable an optimal balance of brightness and power efficiency along with improved visual resolution. The qVGA displays are aimed at mobile phones due to their high brightness, low power consumption, and high visual resolution.

BOE will build two wide-viewing angle modules using its Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) technology to increase contrast and transmittance while limiting surface reflection. This combination enables easy readability and visibility under any lighting condition. The 1.8-inch display modules use only three LEDs.

The PenTile RGBW technology combines advanced subpixel rendering with an eight-subpixel configuration that adds white subpixels to the mix of conventional red, green, and blue subpixels. This reduces the number of column drivers and widens each subpixel. The unique pixel arrangement increases aperture ratio and panel transmissivity. Clairvoyante's gamut mapping algorithms improve white luminosity and contrast, resulting in brighter whites and enhanced natural colors.

BOE's qVGA products are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2006. For more information, visit www.boehydis.com. For more information on PenTile RGBW, www.clairvoyante.com.

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