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High-current converter modules suit dense boards


A pair of high-current, point-of-load converter modules provide cost-effective, ready-to-use power solutions for densely populated boards. Occupying a board area of just 2.14 in.2 , the PTHxx040W series employs an advanced topology to maximize conversion efficiency and current density, while minimizing external component count. Hence, designers can place high-current, low-voltage sources next to the silicon devices they are powering. The PTH12040W has an output current rating of 50 A, while the PTH04040W is specified at 60 A. Both converters, developed by Artesyn Technologies, feature wide output voltage adjustment and auto-track power sequencing.

The PTHxx040W series is POLA compliant. Fully compatible with similar products produced by other members of the Point-of-Load Alliance, they give users sourcing flexibility, long-term supply security, and support for high-volume applications. The converters are primarily intended for the telecommunications and data communications markets.

The converters are packaged as open-frame modules, measuring 2.04 by 1.04 in. They're available in through-hole and surface-mount configurations, and with an installed height of 0.36 in., are suited for systems with tight card pitches. In OEM quantities of 1000, the converters sell for $34.50. For more information, go to www.artesyn.com/powergroup/new_pola_pth_launch.htm.

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