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High-directivity LGA coupler uses thin-film technology


Designed with an integrated thin-film technology, the CP0402 family of high directivity LGA termination couplers meets the requirements of most communications applications. Developed by AVX, the CP0402 provides excellent high-frequency performance and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly. This miniature component is specifically suited for mobile communications, satellite TV receivers, GPS, vehicle location systems, and wireless LANs.

The low-profile couplers, in frequencies from 400 MHz to 6 GHz, feature 3-W continuous power dissipation, low insertion loss, and high directivity (greater than 20 db). They're available in lead-free versions, with the parts providing excellent solderability and self-alignment during reflow.

Typical pricing ranges from $.25 to $.14 in large quantities. For more information, contact AVX at www.avx.com.

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