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High-performance Pentium M VME-64 CPU board offers front-panel I/O access

Front-panel I/O access is one of the key features of the V169-FPIO, a high-performance, Pentium-based VME-64 single-board computer (SBC). Built with a Pentium M processor operating at speeds up to 2 GHz and consuming just 18 W, the V169-FPIO provides a high-speed, low-power upgrade path for legacy Sparc- and PowerPC-based mil/aero and industrial control systems. Developed by General Micro Systems, the SBC features 2 Mbytes of L2 cache, 4 Gbytes of RAM, and various high-speed I/O, networking, graphics and mass storage options. Among these are dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual Ultra SCSI-320 ports, two high-resolution video displays, four USB ports, and PS2 Keyboard/Mouse interfaces, all accessible through the front panel. The V169 also features three independent 64-bit 100-MHz PMC expansion sites, which allow for custom I/O.

The V169's graphics subsystem, equipped with 64 Mbytes of RAM, provides 2D and 3D graphics acceleration with support for OpenGL and DirectX. Two independent front-panel RGB video displays provide a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels (24-bit color), and can be combined to support screen resolutions of up to 4096 by 1536 pixels. Software support includes Windows 2000/XP, VxWorks, Solaris x86, QNX, and Linux. The V169 is available immediately. Single-piece pricing starts at $3795 for a 2-GHz Pentium M configuration. For more information, contact General Micro Systems at www.gms4sbc.com.

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