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High-power transistors maximize GaN technology


RFMD recently introduced a family of Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) high-power transistors aimed at cellular infrastructure and WiMAX base station applications. These high-power devices show excellent peak drain efficiency up to 67% at UMTS and up to 60% at WiMAX frequency bands. The company has achieved high gain of 16 dB, high power density of up to 4 W/mm at 28 V, and 1000-hr. high-temperature reliability results.

RFMD's GaN HEMT transistors for the wireless cellular market are targeted to the UMTS or 3G base station segment and include the RF3820 (8 W), RF3912 (60 W), RF3913 (90 W), and RF3914 (120 W). The devices targeted toward the WiMAX base station segment include the 2.5-GHz RF3916 (50 W), RF3917 (75 W), RF3918 (100 W), and 3.5-GHz RF3821 (8 W) and RF3919 (50 W). For more information, visit RFMD's Web site at www.rfmd.com.

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