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High-Rel host processor bridge links PowerPCs, peripherals


e2v has just introduced its PC109, an extended high reliability version of the TSI109 host processor bridge from Tundra Semiconductor.

The PC109 Host Bridge provides system interconnect between PowerPCprocessors, PCI peripherals and local memory and supports twoprocessors connectedthrough the MPX bus. It is capable of operating at a bus speed up to167MHz (or up to 200 MHz when supporting a single processor).

According to Eric Marcelot e2v's Product Marketing Manager for e2v'sHigh-Reliability Microprocessors, the new bridge is targeted athigh-reliability embedded applications such as radars, aircraftdisplays, and electronic countermeasures.

The PC109 features a DDR2 memory controller supporting DDR2-400devices.With a 133MHz PCI-X interface and the two Gigabit Ethernet port, thebridge incorporates features such as clock generation, DMA, InterruptController, I2C, and UART.

The PC109 host bridge for PowerPC is available for sampling in a1023-ballFlip-Chip Plastic BGA package. Production ramp-up is scheduled over thefourth quarter of 2006, and product qualification is planned to becompleted in first quarter of 2007.

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