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High-speed ADC and PLL team up

Texas Instruments’ ADC12DJ3200 12 bit ADC delivers speeds of up to 6.4 Gsamples/s in single-channel mode and up to 3.2 Gsamples/s in dual-channel mode. A companion wideband PLL with an integrated VCO, the LMX2594 generates frequencies of up to 15 GHz without using an internal frequency doubler. Together, these devices can simplify the clocking architecture, synchronization, and data capture of JESD204B-compliant designs, including large phased-array radar systems and 5G wireless testers.

Offering direct RF sampling up to 10 GHz, covering the L band, S band, and C band and extending into the X band, the ADC12DJ3200 provides enhanced frequency agility, while reducing filter complexity. 

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