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High-speed mezzanine connector family expands with new stack heights


FCI has expanded its GIG-Array high-speed, high-density mezzanine product line with the addition of new connector configurations that provide 200 signal contacts at 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, or 35-mm board spacing. The GIG-Array line is designed for 100-ê matched impedance to support differential signaling at data rates of 10 Gbits/s with low crosstalk to preserve signal integrity. The connector family is effective for high-speed board-stacking applications in server, storage, transmission, switching, and networking equipment.

The 200-position connector contains 25 columns with eight individual signal contacts and 10 ground contacts in each column for a total of 200 signal and 250 ground contacts. The use of individual contacts for both signal and ground connections provides more flexibility in handling power or low-speed, single-ended signals than systems that utilize interleaving ground shields.

All GIG-Array connectors feature ball-grid array (BGA) connector termination for easy attachment to printed circuit boards using conventional reflow soldering processes. For more information, visit FCI on the web at www.fciconnect.com/gigarray.

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