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High-speed Quad-SPI host adapter combines power, versatility, and low cost


Corelis, Inc. has introduced the BusPro-S, a high-speed multi-IO SPI host adapter. The BusPro-S USB-powered desktop instrument allows engineers to save precious development time by providing low-level control of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) buses for the generation of SPI messages and programming SPI memory.

Major features

  • 60 MHz clock rates with up to 200 Mb/s throughput.
  • Standard, dual, quad, and 3-wire mode support.
  • User selectable interface voltages down to 1.8V.
  • Eight independent slave select signals.
  • Powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a complete command script editor.
  • Royalty-free Application Programming Interface (API).

The BusPro-S is controlled by the included SPI Exerciser software using two modules: Debugger and Programmer. The Debugger module features a command script interface with individual tabs for concurrent command sessions. All communications from the Debugger module are recorded and displayed in a detailed transaction log. The Programmer module enables fast, convenient in-system erase, program, verify, and read operations for both standard and multi-IO non-volatile memory components using an included library of common Flash and EEPROM device models.

The BusPro-S comes complete with hardware, software, and cables. It is being offered at an introductory list price of $675 and is available for purchase through the Corelis online store .

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