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High-speed TCP/IP protocol stack includes BSD socket interface

Tokyo—Aimed at embedded systems, eSOL Co. Ltd. released its PrCONNECT/Pro TCP/IP protocol stack with a BSD socket interface.

Applications include networking equipment, handheld information terminals, including multimedia devices. PrCONNECT/Pro delivers a data transmission speed of more than 74-Mbits/s and has a rich set of security, routing and other protocols.

PrCONNECT/Pro offers the BSD socket as the interface with upper applications, which allows for easy reuse of abundant networking application resources from UNIX-like operating systems, including Linux.

PrCONNECT/Pro supports FTP, Telnet, DNS, DHCP and IGMP as defaults; a rich assortment of security protocols, including PPP/e-mail, web server, SSL and IKE library and protocols, enabling gateway functions such as NAT or RIP, and SNMP.

Since users have the option to select and use only the necessary features for their specific appliance, minimum hardware resources are required.

PrCONNECT/Pro ensures compatibility with eT-Kernel, a realtime OS that is the enhanced version of T-Kernel, middlewarethat includes the file system, USB and graphics.

eSOL Co. Ltd., +1-503-594-0990, www.esol.co.jp/english/index.html

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