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High-speed USB-to-LAN controller family for embedded networking

CAMBRIDGE, UK — ASIX Electronics Corp., announced the AX88760 , USB 2.0 MTT hub and USB 2.0 to Ethernet combo controller designed for compact embedded networking solutions.

With this high integration of USB to Ethernet and 3-port USB hub in a single-chip solution, the AX88760 has been designed to provide a small form factor solution.

It enables embedded system designers to design compact, low power, high performance yet low cost applications such as desktops, notebook PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs, docking stations, game consoles, multifunction printers, digital-home appliances, and any embedded system that uses a standard USB port.

Recent innovations in multimedia SoCs have used shrinking physical form factors to reduce costs. The most efficient method of miniaturization is to reduce pin count and use a serial interface like USB, allowing the use of a USB-to-LAN solution, as opposed to a parallel local/memory bus.

By combining the AX88760 with a USB host microcontroller, designers can provide Ethernet and multi-port USB connectivity for embedded systems to control remotely over a network and expand USB ports. 

The chip’s integrated USB hub is fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification and supports low-speed, full-speed, and high-speed downstream devices on all of the enabled downstream ports.

The device implements multiple TT (Transaction Translator) architecture that provides dedicated TT to each downstream (DS) ports, which guarantees Full-Speed (FS) data passing bandwidth when multiple FS devices perform heavy loading operations.

All integrated on-chip are fast Ethernet MAC and PHY, which is IEEE802.3 10Base-T and IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX compatible, and 24KB embedded SRAM for packet buffering to accommodate high bandwidth applications.

A wide array of features include support for HP Auto-MDIX, Wake-on-LAN power management, and IEEE 802.3x and backpressure flow control. 

To help customers evaluate and develop applications with the AX88760, ASIX provides comprehensive technical support including hardware and software application notes, user guides, schematics, PCB layout guides, and drivers for Windows/Linux/WinCE/MacOS operating systems.

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