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High-tech innovator Kipp Bradford to give keynote at ESC Boston

When I was a young lad (circa the Late Jurassic), I used to eagerly await the arrival of my monthly electronics hobbyist magazine. As soon as it arrived, I jumped on a bus and headed out to the nearest electronics store to squander all of my meager allowance on the bits and pieces required to construct the beginner project of the month.

Those were the days when everyone seemed to be making things. In addition to the sheer fun of it, it was possible to buy a kit and build anything from a high-end audio amplifier to a color television for substantially less than you could purchase the equivalent product in a store.

Over time, things began to change. Before long, it became possible to buy an electronic product for less than it cost to build your own. Even stranger (to me), it became cheaper to throw a broken product away and buy a new one than it would be to repair the original.

By the time we reached the beginning of the new millennium, I was beginning to fear that making things in general, and hobby electronics, in particular were heading for extinction. Then, seemingly as if from nowhere, the Maker Movement appeared on the scene. No longer was I plodding along in the shadows on my ownsome. Suddenly (amazingly), it was cool to make things again.

And, speaking of cool, one of the Maker Movement's coolest and most passionate proponents is entrepreneur, technology consultant, and educator Kipp Bradford.

Kipp Bradford (Source: kippbradford.com)

Of particular interest to me is that — in addition to holding numerous patents for his inventions and being the recipient of numerous engineering awards for his innovations — Kipp serves on the technical advisory board of MAKE Magazine .

Kipp is also known as being a captivating speaker, so I'm delighted to be able to tell you that he's agreed to give the keynote presentation — Beyond Makers: The Future of American Innovation — at ESC Boston on Wednesday April 13, 2016.

Kipp's keynote is open to all attendees — including full conference passes and free expo-only passes — so, if you haven't already done so, might I be so bold as to suggest that you register right now? I, for one, cannot wait to hear Kipp's presentation. Hopefully I'll see you there.

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