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Highly integrated dc-dc buck converters shrink footprint

Enpirion unveiled a line of highly integrated buck converters for low-power applications, moving the footprint-vs.-efficiency curve to its theoretical limit. According to the company, the result halves the footprint area without compromising power efficiency. The converters integrate a PWM controller, MOSFET switches, a compensation network, and a power inductor, in a 5- by 4- by 1.1-mm QFN package.

The EP53x2Q converters operate at up to 5 MHz switching frequency, which reduces the size of filter components and enables an order of magnitude improvement in transient performance. The 5-mV peak-to-peak output voltage ripple is suited for portable applications with sensitive RF subsystems. The integrated compensation network affords stability over all operating conditions with 10 to 60 μF of output filter capacitance. The buck converters require two ceramic filter capacitors for a complete solution.

The EP53x2Q family supports load currents of 500, 600, and 800 mA. The voltage output is programmed using a three-pin voltage select scheme allowing designers to chose from one of seven pre-defined voltages, or an external divider may be used. The voltage-select pins can be changed on the fly to implement dynamic voltage scaling.

The EP53x2Q power devices are available immediately. Pricing in quantities of 1000 units is $1.61 for the 800-mA version, $1.55 for the 600-mA version and $1.50 for the 500-mA version. For additional information, visit www.enpirion.com.

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