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Himax brings USB 3.0 to camera sensors


San Jose, Ca. – Image sensor maker Himax Imaging Inc. has selected Cypress’s EZ-USB FX3 peripheral controller for its USB 3.0 5M camera sensor evaluation board. www.himaximaging.com/

This evaluation board can be used with a variety of imaging sensors, including the popular HM5065(5M), HM3451(3.4M), HM2056/2057(2M), HM1375 (1.3M) and HM1055(HD) models, which are widely used in application such as PC cameras, document scanners and industrial cameras.

FX3 is a programmable USB 3.0 peripheral controller equipped with a flexible General Programmable Interface that can be connected with virtually any system in 8-, 16- and 32-bit configurations, and is capable of data rates up to 400 Megabytes per second. GPIF II enables the FX3 controller to interface directly to a variety of application processors, ASICs or FPGAs.

In addition to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity in virtually any system, the chip incorporates an on-chip ARM9 CPU core with 512KB RAM and 200 MIPS of computational power. It has interfaces to connect to serial peripherals such as SPI, UART, I2C and I2S.

According to Antonio Tsai, Deputy Director of the Marketing Division at Himax Imaging, this flexibility is critical in enabling Himax Imaging’s sensor evaluation board to interface with a wide range of image sensors.

“Sensor performance is the focus of camera design, and our evaluation board becomes the springboard to success for our customers,” he said. “We were able to overcome design challenges very quickly with the help of Cypress’s FX3 total solution. Its high flexibility, stability and ease of use are key contributors to the successful and timely launch of our HD sensor evaluation board.”

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