Hitachi acceleration sensor detects accidental falls -

Hitachi acceleration sensor detects accidental falls


Going after applications in car navigation systems, security systems, motion measurement machines, medical equipment and gaming systems Hitachi Metals has just introduced what it claims is the world's smallest triaxial acceleration sensor.

Measuring 2.9-by-2.9-by-0.92mm, the H30CD sensor is designed to detect accidental falls in devices that are fitted with mobile HDDs, such as music players and notebook computers.

Using MEMS technology, the H30CD detects acceleration from the change in piezo resistance. The acceleration information, detected as an analog signal, is thenconverted to 12bit digital signals.

The device features low power consumption: 0.5mA from 3V during operation. The sensor has a built “in temperature sensor that enables it to adjust totemperature variations. It can operate reliably over a temperature range of -35°C to 85°C and uses an I2C interface.

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