Hitachi to use RadioScape DAB module -

Hitachi to use RadioScape DAB module


London, UK — Hitachi is the first of the major Japanese brands to use a DAB module designed by RadioScape. The AXM68D microsystem uses the RS200 module which integrates Band III DAB, FM and RDS into a single module that requires buttons, power, output, case, display and antenna to be added.

The RS200 is based on Texas Instruments' baseband technology in the form of the DRE200 receiver chip for the Eureka 147 DAB standard.

Peter Johnson, product marketing manager at Hitachi, said the company has great confidence that there will not be any supply chain delays and that “RadioScape's RS200 has become the gold standard for DAB receivers as it provides outstanding sensitivity at nearly the theoretical optimum of -100dB and superb audio quality”.

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