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Hitex adds support for the Atmel 8xC5121

Hitex's DProbeHS in-circuit emulator now includes support for the 8xC5121 from Atmel. This MCU has an 8051 core and a multi-protocol smart card interface.

The modular design concept of the DProbeHS has enabled faster support for this derivative by exchanging the processor board and then installing the software components provided.

Standard adapters are available for the adaptation to various packaging types such as SSOP. It's also possible to extend functionality to provide a high-end emulation system at any time by attaching the universal add-on components DTrace16 or DBox16.

The DProbeHS supports all the currently available versions of the MCUs from Atmel and support for future derivatives is already in preparation.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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