HMI module ready for integration -

HMI module ready for integration


LONDON — The EUI/57V SSV provides a complete touchscreen-based control unit with TFT-LCD and embedded PC in a single module.

The module contains an embedded PC platform with an 800 MHz low power processor and a 5.7inch TFT LCD with VGA resolution (640 x 480 dots) including a 4-wire-touchscreen.

The internal 1 Gbyte flash drive contains an embedded Linux with X-server and original Sun Java Runtime Environment (Java 6 J2SE). The preinstalled software can be extended with integrated data logger, teleservice router as well as virtual IP modem functions.

For connection to other systems the EUI/57V has a number of interfaces including two RS232, RS485, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, CAN, eight TTL GPIO and two USB 2.0 host interfaces with 480 Mbps support.

The EUI/57V has a CompactFlash slot for removable data storage. All interfaces are completely integrated into the pre-installed software and can be used directly from Java.

SSV says the EUI/57V is particularly suitable for the integration in front panels of systems that are used in the area of renewable energy. In this applicationrange data must be logged over longer periods and a safe remote maintenance access is standard. Through the integrated teleservice router and IP modem functions the EUI/57V can replace various separate units in order to reduce costs and simplify maintenance tasks.

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