HMI Tool set generates graphical instrument clusters -

HMI Tool set generates graphical instrument clusters

MUNICH, Germany — A toolset tailored for the development of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) offers Toshiba Europe. With the toolset, designers can build working prototypes and complete sets of TFT-based automotive instrument clusters, powered by Toshiba's Capricorn automotive display processors.

The tool chain, co-developed with Toshiba partner Altia, enables users to create prototypes of new concepts, simulate integrated models and generate executable Capricorn code in a much shorter time than it would be possible with manual programming and debugging, Toshiba promises.

The set embraces three elements: PhotoPro, Altia Design and DeepScreen. PhotoPro converts Photoshop graphics to executable interactive prototypes. As soon as the designer has arranged and specified graphical elements for buttons, knobs, displays and other user interface elements, PhotoPro on this basis builds a working prototype, the vendor promises.

Altia Design is a simulation and model integration environment that enables users to either create new models or import existing graphic solutions. The tool supports designers and developers in integrating the models into third-party tools or third-party application code.

Graphics code generator DeepScreen converts models and prototypes into executable code. According to Toshiba Europe, the resulting code is resource optimized and fine-tuned for Capricorn processors. In addition, DeepScreen supports designers in building graphic program code.

The toolset will be on display at the Toshiba booth during the FISITA World Automotive Congress to be held from Sept. 14 through Sept. 19 in Munich.

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