Holiday blues and blazing rows - next time pack your laptop -

Holiday blues and blazing rows – next time pack your laptop

LONDON — A survey has found that one in ten British holiday makers get so bored they end up having a blazing row with their partner. But there is good news for the tech sector, especially Intel who commissioned the survey, in that one in eight people are beating the boredom blues by packing their laptops to watch DVDs, listen to music, surf the web and email their mates when the weather turns.

All this technology means that 34% now no longer bother sending postcards, preferring instead to text and email friends from round the poolside.

The survey of over 1,000 people revealed that the average British holidaymaker has thirty-two hours of bad holiday weather time to fill, during which a third (32%) watch local TV in a language they don’t understand whilst 56% re-read old magazines for the second or third time and 38% call or text friends to find out about the weather at home.

Chris Hogg, UK head of Marketing at Intel, who commissioned the research to better understand people’s entertainment needs on holiday, “New technology means more and more people are opting to stay switched on even when they’re ‘turning off’ and relaxing.”

Deprived of sunshine and their usual home entertainment comforts, a third of holidaying Brits end up watching soaps on local non-English TV, whilst 44% borrow a well-thumbed newspaper from two days ago off someone round the pool. Another boost to portable technology is that 43% said in an ideal world they’d love to be able to have their complete music collections to hand during holiday downtime, whilst 38% would want to be able to instantly check out the news back home. And 37% of those surveyed said they’d like to go inside and watch their favourite DVDs when the holiday rain started, whilst a further quarter (25%) wished they could chat with friends on email. As well as the 13% taking their laptops on holiday other boredom busting gadgets include portable music players (40%), portable DVD players (14%) and Blackberries (3%). WiFi or wireless internet hotspots can now be found across a range of top holiday destinations, meaning laptop PC users can log on from the slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna, the icy environment of the Barneo Camp on the North Pole, the dreamy coastline of the Cote d’Azur, the enchanted waters of the Venetian Lagoon; from the main square of picturesque Prague, to the historical heritage of Vatican City in Rome. The survey was conducted by ICM who spoke to a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 UK adults between August 12 – 14.

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