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Hologram to boost consumer confidence in Bluetooth interoperability

LONDON — CSR is working with TMTI (Talk Me Through It) to improve Bluetooth device compatibility and the end-user's experience of mobile Bluetooth technology.

With CSR's assistance, TMTI has introduced an industry approved series of tests to ensure an enhanced level of interoperability at the user level to build upon the Bluetooth qualification program. Devices which have passed this testing stage will be allowed to display a quality mark hologram, bearing the TMTI and CSR logo, on its packaging. T-Mobile is the first major retailer to adopt the scheme with its launch of the new Southwing SH305 Bluetooth Headset.

Crispin Thomas of TMTI, said, “We have provided technical support to end-user mobile phone customers since the company was created and discovered a high proportion of customer problems related to Bluetooth were linked to compatibility and pairing issues.”

Niall Gillespie, Interoperability Group Manager, CSR added, “A high level of interoperability testing is done at the Bluetooth silicon level at Unplugfests, and this quality mark program ensures that this level of interoperability is taken forward into the consumer marketplace.”

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