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Holtek flash MCUs include multi-function timer modules


The Holtek HT68F1x  and  HT66F1x series of flash MUCUs meet with full industrial specifications (-40°C to 85°C) and have high noise immunity. The devices permit program modifications to be implemented with the device still in-circuit.

The MCUs include 1 to 4K words of program memory and 64 to 192 bytes of SRAM Data Memory. In addition to their crystal and external RC oscillators, all devices also include fully internal RC oscillators, which require no external components and can provide fixed high frequencies of 4MHz, 8MHz, 12MHz and a low frequency of 32KHz.

There are also four software COM outputs to drive low count pixel LCD panels.

The HT68F1x and HT66F1x series devices also include Holtek’s multi-function timer modules which  are capable of providing functions such as timer/counter, capture, compare match output, single pulse output and PWM signal generation.

All devices in the A/D type HT66F1x series also contain a 12-bit high speed ADC and internal voltage reference function.

The series is supplied in a range of package types from 16 to 28 pins.

To support these devices, Holtek supplies a full suite of hardware and software tools known as the HT-IDE3000 which includes an in-circuit-emulator and full trace analysis functions.
Download the datasheets here: HT66F1x , HT68F1x

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