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Home automation controller adds Ethernet connectivity, serial ports


Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has introduced an upgrade to its Omni II home automation controller, the Omni IIe. The controller has all of the functions and capabilities of the Omni II, including UL-Listed security, telephone access, temperature and lighting control, but now has built-in Ethernet connectivity and three integrated serial ports.

In addition, the Omni IIe simplifies wiring to in-home computers, because no serial cable is needed. Also included with the Omni IIe controller is a PIM, the Powerline Interface Module for HAI's new UPB based lighting control system, HAI Lighting Control (HLC). The PIM plugs directly into the third built-in serial port without requiring any port expanders. An expanded vocabulary is also included.

The Omni IIe provides advanced features for homes that don't need as many zones, lighting controls, thermostats, and the audio control offered by the OmniPro II. For more information, visit www.homeauto.com.

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