Host bridge with dual processor support hits production -

Host bridge with dual processor support hits production

Ottawa, Ontario — Tundra Semiconductor Corp.'s Tsi109 host bridge for PowerPC processors that supports PCI-X, DDR2-400 SDRAM, Gigabit Ethernet, and Flash is in full production.

The Tsi109 host bridge is capable of dual processor support at 167-MHz. In addition to 2.5-Watt typical power dissipation, the Tsi109 supports DDR2 memory, which makes suitable for high-density, power-sensitive applications. It is designed with an advanced dynamic memory pipeline architecture, which is said to minimize critical memory access time and maximize bandwidth.

The Tsi109 host bridge integrates a clock generator with spread-spectrum capabilities, a DDR2-400 memory Controller, and internal processor and PCI/X bus arbiters. The designer can select from PCI/PCI-X modes, and configure it as a PCI Host/Agent. A JTAG interface also simplifies the debug process by allowing access to Tsi109’s registers without impacting active transactions.

The Tsi109 is available in both standard and lead-free packages for commercial and industrial temperatures. Volume pricing for the Tsi109 is less than $75.

For documentation, including ordering information, user manuals, and software drivers, to assist in accelerated development with the Tsi109, go to

Tundra Semiconductor Corp., 1-613-592-0714,

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