Host processor bridge tailored for military, aerospace apps -

Host processor bridge tailored for military, aerospace apps

Grenoble, France and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—Tundra Semiconductor Corp.'s Tsi109 host bridge is now available for military and aerospace applications through e2v technologies, a manufacturer of electronic tubes, sensors and specialized semiconductors based in Grenoble, France.

The PC109 host processor bridge marks the first product derived from a deal the two companies signed about two months ago to provide system interconnect products for extended-reliability markets.

The PC109 host bridge provides system interconnect between PowerPC processors, PCI peripherals and local memory. The PC109 is capable of supporting two processors connected through the MPX bus and is capable of operating at a bus speed up to 167 MHz (or up to 200 MHz when supporting a single processor).

“The PC109 host bridge companion chip ideally complements the PC7447A and PC7448 high-reliability microprocessors and will deliver our customer's higher optimized design for high performance applications while reducing the overall system costs”, said Eric Marcelot e2v's Product Marketing Manager for e2v's High-Reliability Microprocessors, in a statement.

The PC109 features a DDR2 memory controller supporting DDR2-400 devices. The 133MHz PCI-X interface and the two Gigabit Ethernet ports offer a very high data bandwidth. With its low level of active power and integrated features such as clock generation, DMA, Interrupt Controller, I²C, UART, the PC109 provides system designers with greater overall system performance, and reduced system design complexity, while delivering best system performance-per-watt.

The PC109 host bridge for PowerPC is available for sampling in a 1023-ball Flip-Chip Plastic BGA package. Production ramp-up is scheduled over the fourth quarter of 2006, and product qualification is planned to be completed in first quarter of 2007.

Tundra Semiconductor Corp., 1-613-592-0714

e2v technologies, +33 (0) 16019 5500,

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