Hot Tech 2015: Critical mass for mobile payments -

Hot Tech 2015: Critical mass for mobile payments


This article is part of EDN, and EE Times’ Hot Technologies: Looking ahead to 2015 feature, where our editors examine some of the hot trends and technologies in 2014 that promise to shape technology news in 2015 and beyond.

Long predicted but always seeming to be “just around the corner,” mobile payments may finally have arrived. While Apple's recent Apple Pay announcement may in retrospect be seen as launching the coming mobile payment revolution, the underlying technologies – and alternative solutions – have been emerging for some time.

The fundamental technological enabler for mobile payments is of course the ubiquitous smartphone, with wearables promising to create even more, and new, opportunities. Technologies playing a supporting role in this shift include encryption advances, digital currencies, biometrics, NFC, Bluetooth, QR codes, and even the use of sound wave data transfer.

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