Hot Tech 2015: Wearables hardware as the new software? -

Hot Tech 2015: Wearables hardware as the new software?


This article is part of EDN, and EE Times' Hot Technologies: Looking ahead to 2015 feature, where our editors examine some of the hot trends and technologies in 2014 that promise to shape technology news in 2015 and beyond.

Once Apple's bitten into a market, it's somewhat a given that there's good growth ahead and that the market is, indeed, stable enough for the consumer electronics giant to invest its resources, let alone time.

The iconic company did invest its time when it released the Apple Watch last quarter, going up against the likes of Google’s Android Wear and others in the burgeoning wearables area of design.

Arguably until recently wearables had been an experimental market with LED or fashion-based one-off designs leading the small pack and few names recognizable beyond Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics at maker- and open-sourced focused Adafruit.

As we turn to 2015 and beyond, however, wearables becomes an explosive hardware design opportunity — one that is closely tied to both consumer and healthcare markets, and that could pick up steam in the way software did during the smartphone app explosion. Better yet, it's an opportunity that is still anyone's game.

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