Hotspot Parallelizer supports FPGA code generation -

Hotspot Parallelizer supports FPGA code generation


Compaan Design released the HotSpot Parallelizer for ISO C, supporting x86-multicore runtime verification and Xilinx FPGA code generation. It integrates the company’s parallelization, streaming and mapping technology with ACE’s industrial quality CoSy compiler development framework.

The HotSpot Parallelizer translates C-code hotspots to data streaming Kahn Process Networks (KPN) that robustly and efficiently utilize highly parallel heterogeneous multicore chip architectures. The workflow guides step-by-step parallelization towards improved energy efficiency and computational throughput.

Parallelism is exploited for streaming data and increased architecture utilization.

After creating a workflow baseline by compiling to a single-threaded processor, an exact dataflow analysis guarantees correctness and robustness of application execution, says the tool vendor. It traces all data dependencies and generates a KPN with a FIFO for every individual data flow. KPN nodes and FIFOs are mapped to SW or HW resources.

The automatic stub generation lets different subsystems synchronize and communicate. The Compaan Design tool works with 3rd party C-to-VHDL tools by integrating accelerated functions into an automatically generated system communication framework.

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