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Hover detection for TrueTouch touchscreens


(Note: This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe. )

Cypress Semiconductor announced support for hover detection for its capacitive touchscreen technology. The new feature, driven by the company's TrueTouch, enables smart touchscreen solutions that anticipate the touch of a finger and enlarge content such as points on a map or the font of tiny website links to make them easier to find and select.

Hover detection changes the fundamental navigation functions on mobile devices by emulating “mouseover,” a feature well known in the personal computer segment for web navigation. The feature delivers easier, more accurate interface navigation for handsets, GPS systems and other mobile applications.

A video demonstration of the hover capability is available at www.cypress.com/go/hovervideo which footage features a TrueTouch touchscreen recognizing a user's finger as it approaches the touch sensor before the finger touches. A corresponding circle on the screen changes size to demonstrate how the application detects the user's finger as it hovers above the screen.

“Mobile phone manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their products, and features such as hover support and stylus recognition enable them to do just that,” said Dhwani Vyas, vice president of the User Interface Business Unit at Cypress. “Delivering a mouseover-like capability to the mobile phone space shows that Cypress continues to focus on creative features aligned with market demand.

With so much emphasis on web content to the mobile handset, innovative navigation techniques are necessary to bring a familiar web-browsing experience to the user.  Our customers are excited about TrueTouch because its flexible architecture enables them to continuously create and deliver value-added features.”

Cypress's TrueTouch family includes single-touch, multitouch gesture and multitouch all-point offerings, enabling designers to create new usage models for products such as mobile handsets, portable media players (PMPs), GPS systems and other products.

More information about the TrueTouch solution is available at www.cypress.com/go/TrueTouch

Visit Cypress at www.cypress.com.

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