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HSDPA test system purchase keeps Motorola on track

LONDON — Aeroflex has won a significant order for its HSDPA conformance test system from Motorola’s ADR Testing Service, a leading, independent 2G/3G, Bluetooth and EMC certification laboratory.

The set up to be supplied by Aeroflex (Slough, U.K.) inlcudes a 6401 AIME/CT with ISHO test system and HSDPA conformance test cases and will provide the backbone of a comprehensive HSDPA testing capability that ADR Testing Service is establishing .

The Aeroflex HSDPA conformance test system has already been installed and commissioned at Motorola’s ADR Testing Service’s laboratory in Flensburg, Germany.

Lars Nielsen, Managing Director of Motorola’s ADR Testing Service said, “As the mobile industry readies itself for the introduction of commercial HSDPA services, we need to maintain this momentum. Our aim is to be at the forefront of mobile handset test and the purchase from Aeroflex of one of the first HSDPA conformance test systems demonstrates our commitment to lead from the front with regard to HSDPA test.”

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