Human Interface Board enhances QuickStart dev -

Human Interface Board enhances QuickStart dev

The Human Interface Board from Parallax brings advanced functionality to the QuickStart development platform. The board stacks directly on top of the QuickStart development platform, creating a minimal footprint for both boards. With multiple audio and video outputs and keyboard or mouse inputs, as well as a microSD card socket, the Human Interface Board can add an interactive interface to any project. Where applicable, the Human Interface Board uses the same I/O pin assignments as the Propeller Demo Board peripherals.

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Like the QuickStart development platform, the Human Interface Board is an open-source hardware design, so all design files—including layout, schematics, and firmware—are available under licenses that allow free distribution and reuse. The Human Interface Board's design can be incorporated into new applications royalty free and without a non-disclosure agreement.

Summary of features

  • Multiple audio and video outputs for application flexibility
  • Two PS/2 ports for either two keyboards, two mice, or a mix with one keyboard and one mouse
  • Infrared transceiver for remote control and communications
  • Expandable storage for up to 32 GB of data storage and retrieval

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