Human-machine interface and intelligent sensor processing MCU starter kit -

Human-machine interface and intelligent sensor processing MCU starter kit


MicrochipTechnology Inc. announced the MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs,which includes everything needed to develop and evaluate Human-MachineInterfaces (HMIs) and intelligent sensor processing for embeddeddesigns, at a cost of $59.98. The kit is based on thePIC24HJ128GP504 16-bit microcontroller (MCU), which features up to 40MIPS performance, 128 Kbytes of Flash, 8 Kbytes of RAM and a fullcomplement of integrated peripherals. For advanced HMIs, the kitincludes an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) array display that issupported by the free Microchip Graphics Library, low-cost audio andspeech playback capability for user prompts, and user-inputcapabilities. For intelligent sensor processing development, theStarter Kit board has a tri-axial analog accelerometer interfaced tothe PIC24H, along with example applications such as motion-sensitivegaming. The kit is available today at,under part number DM240021.

The MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs allows developers to runthe included accelerometer-based sample programs, and check out theinteraction of the accelerometer and the switches with the MCU on thevisual display, while listening to speech playback. Users can connecttheir own analog sensors for signal processing, and can download andtest their own applications. Additional key features of the MPLABStarter Kit for PIC24H MCUs include:

  • Integrated debugger/programmer
  • USB powered
  • 128×64 OLED display and onboard speaker
  • Low-cost speech playback via G.711 compression
  • Two switches for application utility
  • Separate analog conditioning circuitry to plug in widerange of sensors for sensor signal processing
  • CD with Microchip's MPLAB Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment, including a full editor, programmer and debugger; MPLAB Ccompiler; code examples and user's guide

For additional information, visitMicrochip's Web site at

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