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Hyades project emerges from Eclipse


The Project Hyades framework is designed to ease the integration of a range of functional verification, quality assessment and load testing tools with the Eclipse Platform's workbench and other tools.

Five members of the Eclipse organisation have established the open-source platform: IBM, Parasoft, Rational Software, Scapa Technologies and Telelogic. It is focused on full lifecycle integration of advanced test and trace facilities for Automated Software Quality.

Recent additions to the Eclipse universal tools include internationalisation and tools integration support for development workstations running QNX on Intel X86 based computers, Sun Solaris on SPARC workstations, HP-UX on HP9000 PA-RISC workstations, IBM AIX on PowerPC workstations and support for Windows and Linux on Intel X86 based computers.

Hyades and the Eclipse platform it is based upon will not replicate offerings from other test and trace domains. Separate Hyades based ASQ products will work with other development tools through Eclipse.

Project Hyades does not specify a testing methodology, allowing Hyades based tools to cover a range of automated software quality assurance processes from static code analysis through automated functional testing and deployment performance testing.

Hyades will implement an OMG defined UML testing profile in which Test Case, Test Trace, Test Objective and Verification artefacts are maintained.

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