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Hybrid 40 GSamples per second oscilloscope-digitisers

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Agilent Technologies expanded its digital storage oscilloscope and digitiser portfolio with three low-profile 8-channel models in the Infiniium 90008 Series.

These hybrid instruments support eight channels that deliver digitising rates of 40 GSamples per second and bandwidths from 8 to 13 GHz, all in a 7U-high package.

The units are aimed at engineers and scientists working in high-energy physics or radar, who need the ultrahigh-speed digitising capability of high-performance oscilloscopes to make accurate measurements on single shot phenomena.

Using multiple oscilloscopes to reach desired channel counts can be problematic in space-constrained test environments. But the Infiniium 90008 Series oscilloscopes-digitisers have twice the channel density of traditional oscilloscopes, providing unmatched space efficiency, claims the manufacturer.

Researchers can use the instruments individually or combine multiple units to deploy systems with hundreds of channels of measurement capability. Full-bandwidth probing solutions and accurate de-embedding and equalisation capabilities ensure the best real-time measurement accuracy available today for bandwidths of 13 GHz and below.

Users may offload data for custom analysis on their PCs using an optional high-speed PCIe bus card to transfer data at sustained rates up to 150 MB/s. Device drivers for VxWorks, LabVIEW and Linux, with application code examples for MATLAB, C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, and LabWindows/CVI software are standard.

Each eight-channel module boasts two PCs that run application software and provide standard I/O functionality.

In addition, custom IDA (Infiniium data accelerator) hardware on the acquisition boards speeds measurements requiring filtering and math algorithms. Up to 1 Gpt of memory per channel supports long time-capture.

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