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Hybrid RAM/disk solution supports over 100 Gbits/s throughput

Entone announced its collaboration with HP in launching a high-performance video-on-demand (VOD) server that will lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for video service operators. The VOD server achieves single-server throughput of over 100 Gbits/s. On a 64-processor HP Integrity Superdome server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the Entone platform delivers over 27,400 simultaneous MPEG-2 video streams at 3.75 Mbits/s per stream or over 50,000 MPEG-4 streams at 2 Mbits/s per stream.

The VOD platform is enabled by Entone's StreamLiner XL software coupled with HP Integrity servers. Libraries of video assets can reside in RAM, on disk, or a hybrid of the two. The Integrity Superdome server is massively-scalable and can support multiple operating systems and up to 1 Tbyte of RAM and 128 Intel Itanium 2 processors. For more information about Entone Technologies, go to www.entone.com.

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