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Hyperstone to showcase flash controllers and more


Hyperstone will be exhibiting again at the Embedded World; the company’s focus in 2018 is enabling secure storage solutions with their Application Programming Interface. This leading edge software enables developers to add their own customer firmware extensions to Hyperstone´s controllers, allowing them to address unique applications with innovative features. API development boards for S8 SD card controller and U9 USB Flash drive controller will be featured at the show alongside several successful customer applications to demonstrate the ways in which Hyperstone controllers can be embedded across a range of designs.

At the show, Hyperstone will also be showcasing a range of industrial standard Flash Memory Controllers together with their hyMap firmware which is best in class for random R/W-performance and extended lifetime. Designed for robust Flash Memory drives, Hyperstone’s U9 family of controllers are compatible with host systems that have USB 3.1 SuperSpeed 5Gbps interfaces. Hyperstone also supports legacy host interfaces and strives to support customers with longer-term storage requirements and interfaces that have been in the market for decades. Those interested in state of the art Flash support for legacy host interfaces are encouraged to meet with Hyperstone to discuss the companies’ new F9 CompactFlash controller, which enables 3D NAND Flash.

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