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I/O device connects wide-band sensors to 10-GbE networks


Irvine, Calif.—Critical I/O released a product family called SensorLink, which allows wide-band sensors to be directly connected to 1-and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networks.

SensorLink enables Ethernet data networks to be applied to demanding real-time system applications, including radar, data acquisition, sonar, FLIR, SIGINT, video distribution, and signal processing.

SensorLink, which is self contained and needs no host processor, allows sensor data to be streamed at wire-speed with very low latency to other devices connected to the Ethernet network, such as signal processors, workstations, storage devices or other SensorLink devices.

SensorLink also simplifies the sensor management by allowing remote processors to configure, control and monitor sensors through the same Ethernet connection without interrupting the sensors' real-time data flow.

According to Jack Staub, chief executive officer of Critical I/O, “SensorLink allows system developers to directly leverage standard Ethernet networks without investing many man-years in software and compatibility testing—no software is required on the sensor side because SensorLink comes with that intelligence built in. Once sensors are tied to a common Ethernet switched network, data can be routed and distributed in real time to processors; and this routing can be reconfigured at any time, enabling a level of capability and adaptability that has never before been available.”

In addition, all the SensorLink-connected sensors can be managed by a remote processor by the same Ethernet connection, which the company calls an Ethernet Sensor Fabric, he said.

Critical I/O, 1-949-553-2200, www.criticalio.com.

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