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I picked the right week to be away

I wasn't on a remote island, but I was definitely in a place where the hype surrounding the launch of Apple's iPhone was far subdued, as compared to the usual hysteria that comes with living in the New York metro area.

I heard of the lines surrounding the AT&T and Apple stores on that Friday, so I took a drive to the local AT&T store, about two hours after the official unveiling time. I peered in the window and saw three salespeople helping the solitary customer. Ah, the benefits of being away from the media capital of the world (yes, we New Yorkers believe the world revolves around NYC).

Anyway, I finally got a good look at the now-famous iPhone. From the users' perspective, I can see why it has so much appeal. The screen is bright, the audio was clear, and the phone capabilities were better than I expected (granted, I had pretty low expectations on this point). The Internet access has been discussed as one of the iPhone's faults. I had no problem with it, but note that I was accessing the 'Net using the store's Wi-Fi network, not the slower EDGE connection.

While I was on the road, the folks at EE Times did a great job peeling back the skin and revealing what's inside the iPhopne. Rather than go through those details, I'll let you read a trio of great articles on the subject (Under the Hood: Inside the Apple iPhone, Under the Hood update: Software at heart of iPhone's simplicity, and iPhone rings up $220 in hardware costs).

Overall, I give high marks to the iPhone, for everything except it's price tag. I think the $499 (4-Gbyte model) or $599 (8-Gbyte version) they're charging for it is a bit high. But Apple seems to have a pretty good gauge on what the paying public is willing to spend.

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