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IAR buys Signum, widens tools range


IAR Systems has expanded its range of hardware and software development tools for embedded systems with the acquisition of Signum Systems Corp.

IAR Systems (Uppsala, Sweden) is adding Signum Systems (Camarillo, Calif.) JTAG emulators, in-circuit emulators and debuggers to its portfolio of development tools.

Signum, which was founded in 1979, is in many ways similar to IAR Systems, according to Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems who said, “By combining our technologies and know-how, our future product roadmap will be highly attractive to our large customer base and beyond.”

Signum supplies JTAGjet, a series of JTAG-based emulators, in-circuit emulators (ICE) and debuggers such as the Chameleon Debugger to developers of microcontroller-, microprocessor-, and DSP-based systems. Supported devices include all ARM processor architectures: ARM7, 9, 11, ARM Cortex-M0, M1, M3, M4, R4, A8, A9, MPCore and Intel XScale. Signum also supports all Texas Instruments DSP processor architectures.

Like IAR Systems, Signum has its strongest position in the fast growing ARM-based market. “The acquisition taps into our commitment to provide customers with reliable and powerful development tools for current and future ARM processors said Skarin.

Read an interview with Stefan Skarin here.

 Stefan Skarin (left), IAR Systems’ CEO, with Jerry Lewandowski, president of Signum Systems.

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